A spam filter is a piece of software that’s installed on an email server and ‘scans’ all incoming emails so as to prevent any unwanted ones from entering a given mailbox. Several examples of such email messages would be: offers for pills or cash, false bank notifications or email attachments that contain malicious code sent with the idea of damaging your computer. Email filters normally ‘scan’ the content of an email message and if they come across specific keywords or other dubious content, they either delete the email or redirect it to the Spam/Junk folder instead of the Inbox folder. Some web hosting companies combine their own spam filters with up-to-date databases from spam-tracking organizations, so as to guarantee better safety for their clients. Such databases contain patterns, email server IP addresses and other information about spam email messages recently uncovered by these organizations.
Spam Filters in Cloud Hosting
Our cloud hosting servers employ one of the best anti-spam filters available. It is called SpamAssassin and is offered with each and every package, so in case you host your domains with us, you can opt for one of the 5 levels of safety that the anti-spam filter offers for any mailbox that you’ve got here. You can do this with only two mouse clicks from the Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that is used to manage all cloud hosting accounts. SpamAssassin ‘scans’ the header and the content of every message, calculates a spam score and then proceeds according to the level that you have chosen. Each mailbox can have a different level and you can choose whether the email messages that the spam filter labels as spam should be erased or redirected to a separate mailbox where you can check them later, so as to avoid erasing an authentic message. Switching to a different level or disabling the anti-spam protection is also stunningly easy.
Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server accounts offer first-class anti-spam protection ensured by the popular SpamAssassin spam filter, which ranks all incoming emails based on a spam score in accordance with patterns and parameters, such as the recurrence of particular keywords and phrases, the subject, the sender, and so on. When you activate the filter for any email account via the Hepsia Control Panel’s Email Manager section, you can pick between five different levels – from very high to very low. If you continue to receive junk messages, you can increase the level, or if genuine messages are tagged as spam, you can decrease it. Activating or deactivating the anti-spam protection requires as little as two mouse clicks and you can choose if the filtered messages should be deleted right away or if they should be delivered to a chosen mailbox where you can examine them at a later time, so as to ensure that important emails won’t disappear.